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UL Listing on foam bladder tanks and foam proportioners

ISO:9001 Certification

ISO:9001 Certificate

Quality Management System

CE Conformity Declaration

PED Directive

CE Conformity Declaration

Machine Directive

Atex Conformity Declaration

Atex Directive

Inside air Hi-Ex foam generators certifications

Inside air Hi-Ex foam generators certifications, certified by the Notified Body Bureau Veritas that guarantees the correct operation of the generators in inside air applications with hot and polluted air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           All test have been carried out at APT Antincendio's test field in January, witnessed by Bureau Veritas that has certified the successful operation.                                                                                                         To guarantee the correct omologation of the entire fire suppression system, all test have been carried out with the filming alcool resistant foam Profilm Ar Hi-Ex, certified by CNPP according to NF EN 1568 : 2008 regulation. Below and in our website pages of each Hi-Ex foam generators, you can download all the certifications, organized following each model and delivery flow (lt/min).