inline inductor, self sucking, venturi, capacity, mixing percentage %, ball valve, fi-ml, fi-mlb

Inline Inductors

Inline Inductors are proportioners characterized by a self suction mechanism of venturi type: the foam concentrate, instead of being inside a bladder tank, is contained in a foam container directly connected to the Inline Inductor. Then, thanks to the water coming from the water supply and thanks to the self suction mechanism of venturi type, it will be possible to obtain the desired foam mixture.

Inline Inductors manufactured by Fierre, can be equipped with a ball valve to change the % of the desired foam mixture compared to the capacity (3%-6%). In any case, the capacity will remain fixed.

Fierre manufactures two kinds of Inline Inductors:

  • Mod. FI-ML for low capacities
  • Mod. FI-MLB for high capacities