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Foam fire fighting equipment

All Fierre's Foam Bladder Tanks are manufactured according to 2014/68/UE (EX PED 97/23/CE Directive), Asme VIII DIV. I on request, and are marked CE. Furthermore, Fierre is able to supply Asme U-STAMP foam bladder tanks on request.

Inline Inductors are proportioners characterized by a self suction mechanism of venturi type: the foam concentrate, instead of being inside a bladder tank, is contained in a foam container directly connected to the Inline Inductor. Then, thanks to the water coming from the water supply and thanks to the self suction mechanism of venturi type, it will be possible to obtain the desired foam mixture. Inline Inductors manufactured by Fierre, can be equipped with a ball valve to change the % of the desired foam mixture compared to the capacity (3%-6%). In any case, the capacity will remain fixed. Fierre manufactures two kinds of Inline Inductors: Mod. FI-ML for low capacities Mod. FI-MLB for high capacities

A fire monitor is a product characterized by a certain variety regarding the ways it can be maneuvered. We can identify four main categories: manual monitors, oil-hydraulically operated monitors, electrically operated monitors and self oscillating monitors. Anyhow, a fire monitor is always composed of two main joints: one allows the horizontal rotation, the other the vertical one. A fire monitor can have different and various sizes: in fact, size, together with the operating pressure, directly influence the capacity and the range of the device. Fire monitors are typically installed on vehicles, ships and, more in general, in fixed locations, and can be equipped with branchpipes and nozzles.  

Nozzles and Branchpipes are products belonging to the category of the discharge devices. A nozzle is made of a stainless steel body and a nozzle disc placed on the dispensing point. The latter, together with the position of the body, goes directly to affect the type of the jet distributed, which can be fog or full. Nozzles can be handled in manual or electrical way, and find typical application on monitors. Also foam or water branchpipes can find a typical application on monitors. They can be of various sizes, and consequently have different flow rates, but still fixed. They are made of stainless steel and they can have a self suction mechanism.

The high expansion foam generator is a product able to produce large quantities of foam, thanks to its high expansion ratio (Lts foam mixture / Lts foam) up to 1:800. For this reason it is used for the saturation of large volumes of enclosed spaces. Generators can be of various sizes and are calibrated to deliver different capacities. All models are made of a case and a stainless steel mesh, the latter having the function of suction of the foam, while only some of them have a fan in aluminum or synthetic material that generates the thrust of the foam. They are typically fixed to the wall or ceiling of large enclosed spaces.  

Medium expansion foam makers are characterized by an expansion ratio that can vary between 1:20 and 1:200 and find typical application: in case of diffusion of flammable liquids (as hydrocarbon) to cover containment basins emergency intervention in open spaces with portable branchpipes Main medium expansion foam makers can be fixed or portable branchpipes and foam nozzles.

Low expansion foam makers are characterized by an expansion ratio that can reach 1:20, and find typical application on sprinkler system, deposits, warehouses, covering system with fire monitors that operate from distance. The main low expansion foam makers can be nozzles, foam branchpipes and foam chambers.

Fierre Monitor Trailers can take several dimensions and different characteristics: they can have a tank made of carbon steel or stainless steel they can have foam drum supports they can have only the monitor and the inlet connection for the water / foam supply Monitor Trailers find a typical application in refineries, hangars, airfields and deposits.

All Fierre Towers with Monitor are UNI-EN 1090 certified, the European regulation concerning supporting structures. According to this regulation, the manufacture of these structures has to consider: seismics risks oscillations caused by wind intermediate platforms each 6 mt. the dimension in general of the structure (platforms, handrails, etc.) Fierre manufactures two kind of models of towers: Mod. FI-TPF with fixed platform Mod. FI-TPG with rotating platform