tests of foam fire fighting equipment, Manual monitor FI-MM3, manual nozzle FI-BA, Self oscillating monitor FI-SO3, self inducing branchpipe FI-CSA, Wide range proportioner FI-WRM, foam bladder tank FI-P, Medium expansion foam branchpipe FI-LME, Portable

Test day!

Today, Fierre has carried out several tests of its foam fire fighting equipment. In particular, they have been tested:

  • Manual monitor FI-MM3 with manual nozzle FI-BA
  • Self oscillating monitor FI-SO3 with self inducing branchpipe FI-CSA
  • Wide range proportioner FI-WRM mounted on a vertical foam bladder tank FI-P
  • Medium expansion foam branchpipe FI-LME
  • Portable low expansion foam branchpipe FI-CSPA

All tests have been carried out thanks to a digital flow-rate meter to obtain correct results and data of the equipment.