Foam bladder tanks, horizontal foam bladder tanks, bladder tank, manual monitors, electric monitors, fire monitors, control panels, atex monitors

New job with n°31 horizontal foam bladder tanks, n°102 manual monitors, n°4 electric Atex monitors with Atex control panels


New and important job in which Fierre has been involved in the manufacture of n°31 horizontal foam bladder tanks, n°102 manual monitors in st.steel aisi 316, n°4 electric and Atex monitors with related Atex control panels. Foam bladder tanks have been equipped with protective shield, painted according to a special paint cycle suitable for marine environment and provided with other accessories expressly required by the Client. Fire monitors have been tested and supervised by a Notified Body, called by the Client, in order to verify (with success) the correct perfomances required in the original specification.

Final destination of these products has been an oil refinery in north Africa.