Dry chemical powder and twin agent systems for fixed installation

Products certified 2014/68/UE (EX PED 97/23/CE), ASME VIII DIV. I, ASME U-STAMP on request.

Fierre powder units are designed custom made, following all customer's needs. Different operational ways are available: completely manually operated or electro-pneumatically operated. 

Fierre powder units are available mounted on skid or inside a cabinet.

Powder tank's capacities can vary on request, from a minimum of 50 kg, to a maximum of 4.500 kg; cylinders are pressurized with nitrogen or Co2 gas.

Furthermore, Fierre production includes Twin Agent system, made of a double foam / powder tank, pressurized by the same system.

Fierre powder units are available for safe areas or can be equipped with ATEX components for environments with explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, depending on the final destination of the units, they are 2014/68/UE (EX PED 97/23/CE), ASME VIII DIV. I or ASME U-STAMP certified, and, in the first case (PED), they are directly certified by a Notified Body.

Moreover, when the final destination regards Countries in which there are specific Regulations for the exportation, (i.e. Algeria, Russia) Fierre prepares, for the customer, all Chamber and Consular procedures to obtain the necessary documentation (i.e. ARH/MIM or DPEM documentation, etc.).