Fire fighting foam and dry chemical equipment.

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FIERRE - Fire Fighting Equipment


Fierre Srl is a manufacturing company specialized in the production of Fire Fighting Water / Foam and powder equipment, present in the market since 1996. The main water / foam products are:

Foam bladder tanks

Inline inductors

Fixed and portable foam branchpipes

Manual monitors

Self-oscillating monitors

Electric remote controlled monitors

Oil hydraulic monitors

Towers with monitors

Monitors trailers

High expansion foam generators

Medium expansion foam generators

Low expansion foam generators

Furthermore, during last years, Fierre has developed great competence in the sector of dry chemical powder units, designing and manufacturing powder Skids, complete with pressure tanks, pressurization system and all the necessary connections.
These powder units find an application in the vehicles sector (on fire fighting vehicles, ARFF, etc…) and in the fixed plant design.

In this sector, the strength of Fierre is represented by the ability to design and manufacture tailor made solutions of dry chemical powder units, following customer's requirements and adapting sizes and dimensions of chassis case by case, client by client. This extreme flexibility allowed the company to become one of the main manufacturers of dry chemical powder units in the world.

Each product is individually tested in a test-field near Pavia, to demonstrate its performance.
Fierre's products provide the Customer an assured maximum level of quality. We are certified to ISO 9001 by RINA.

All products are manufactured according to Directives of the sector. This allowed Fierre to declare, for its products, the CE conformity.

The company has also obtained a series of important international certifications (UL, BV, DNV, etc.) in order to consolidate its position as a manufacturer on a global level.

The main sectors in which Fierre’s products find an application are: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas; Industry (iron and steel, engineering, etc...); Power generation; Dumps; Infrastructures (ports, railways); Helidecks and airports; Warehouses

Fierre’s commercial strategy is addressed to dealers and plants-design companies. This precise strategy avoid the Company to be a competitor of its own Customers.