Industrial fire monitors

Electric Control Panel

Fierre electric control panel is made of metallic material for IP safe area, aluminium for atex area.

The configuration of the panel is customized on request: the control panel is equipped with joystick and buttons for all the movements, also for the nozzle where is present.

On request, equipping the system with a receptacle and a tramitter, it's available the wireless system.

Furthermore, Fierre is also able to supply, for most sophisticated applications, a control system with a PLC and a touchscreen with specific softwares: thanks to a system like this, equipping the monitor with the correct devices (i.e. encoder/potentiometers), the monitor will be able to work in an automatical way. Also the regulation of the nozzle (jet / fog positions), will be completely automatic, in order to protect the desired specific areas in the right way.


Download data-sheet

Data-sheet FI-QCM