Monitors for vehicles

Roof monitor mod. Firecrow

The Firecrow monitor is specially designed for vehicle application with its motors that can be powered 24v. Firecrow finds typically installation as roof truck monitor.

The Firecrow monitor is available 4” diam. with flows up to 6500 lt/min. The Firecrow monitor can be equipped with jet/fog electric nozzle or with air aspirating foam branchpipe with electric deflector. With this second solution, Firecrow can be equipped with special flow rate cut device 100%-50%.

The monitor can be controlled by hardwired input devices via digital input or analogic input, or by an optional Radio Frequency. The control system can be completed with our PLC system or our Canbus modul box, touchscreen, joystick and wireless system.

The Firecrow monitor, thanks to its absolute position sensors, can be completely programmable.

Download data-sheet

Data-sheet Firecrow