Foam bladder tanks and proportioning devices

Twin Foam Bladder Tanks

Mod. FI-PIX2 (internal membrane) Mod. FI-PX2 (external membrane)

A foam bladder tank is basically a large container of foam liquid concentrate containing a membrane made of synthetic material resistant to corrosive foam agents and equipped with a foam proportioner. Depending on where the foam concentrate is contained, it is possible to differentiate between:

  • Internal membrane, if the foam concentrate is contained within the membrane
  • External membrane, if the foam concentrate is outside the membrane, directly touching the shell

Foam bladder tank serves as a proportioning system through a very simple mechanism: the water coming from the water network pressurizes the tank, pushing the foam concentrate contained in it to a foam proportioner of venturi type. Here, the foam concentrate is in contact with the water, forming the foam mixture that will be channeled to the pipe of the distribution network.

A foam bladder tank may have variable dimensions and consequently different capacities of containment of foam concentrate. It’s able to work even with relatively low pressures and ensures minimum pressure losses. Furthermore, the proportioner applied to it can be calibrated according to the required flowrate and mixing % of the system (usually at 1%-3%-6%).

The foam proportioner can be a standard model FI-PM or a wide range type mod. FI-WRM with a huge range between minumum and maximum flowrates that is typically used for foam sprinkler systems.

Download data-sheet

Data-sheet FI-PIX2 Data-sheet FI-PX2